Branding Case Study – 1325 Logo

Women | Peace | Security is a NATO initiative to promote gender equality within the ranks of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and her partners. In early 2019, a branch of this office was created in Romania as well and they required a visual identity that showed that they are part of the larger organization while representing the Romanian identity as well.

As such, we decided to begin our journey from the original logo which looks as follows:

Branding Case Study - 1325 Logo

What we did

We decided to go for a design that can easily be transformed into a coin as well. That is because it is customary in military organizations for representatives to sometimes give out branded coins to partners and stakeholders with whom they formed a particular relationship or who proved their excellence in a particular setting. Given that a coin has 2 sides, we created versions for the front and back of the coin as well, with the front being the primary logo – the visual identity to be used on all branding and marketing assets.

Branding Case Study - 1325 Logo
Top – front view. Bottom – back view

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