Branding & Web Case Study – Deluxe Stone

The logo

For this project, the challenge was to create a logo and visual identity that communicated a luxury feel, while expressing the fact that we are dealing with a brand that sells stone tiles for interior decoration.

As such, we decided to go for a design that communicates precision and sophistication.

Branding & Web Case Study - Deluxe Stone

The website

The challenge here was to design a website that acts much like a digital catalog for the products. However, the desire was to have the website facilitate segmenting, so as to make it easy for the users to go to where they wanted to go. As such, we decided to create category pages for each major type of material, as well as dedicated subcategory pages for the materials within the categories. This way, navigation is easy and intuitive.

The project is ongoing, meaning that many more materials will be added to the website as the brand develops new partnerships.

You can view the website by clicking the button below.

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