Branding & Web Case Study – TA-TIENNE Fashion

The logo

For this project, the challenge was to initially implement a rebranding strategy. We initially conducted a brand audit and evaluated to what extent the logo was aligned with the brand persona. We identified that the initial logo was a bit too aggressive, but, in order to truly confirm our suspicions, we selected 30 women whom we also surveyed to see what their perspective on the matter was. Surely enough, their position was that the blood-red color of the initial logo was too aggressive and that the logo would benefit from adding a bit of femininity in the mix.

The client did not want to part with the overall design, considering that it represents morphologically what the brand seeks to express (power, grace, intimacy, a certain level of eroticism). However, we made a slight adjustment to the color palette in order to add that femininity. We went for a magenta that was inspired from a variety of shades of lipstick, as we felt that, in combination with the blade, it would better communicate the overall message of the brand.

Branding & Web Case Study - TA-TIENNE Fashion

The branding assets

We then redesigned the brand guide, business cards, catalogs, labels and promotional materials, to align them with the new identity.

Brochure design

The client needed a pdf brochure to present their services to potential stakeholders. The initial brochure was quite alright in terms of overall feel, so we did not strand much from that concept. We decided, instead, to improve on what was. Refine, personalize and the like.

We also created a new variant of the logo, with a more masculine look, to accommodate a line of uniforms and attires geared specifically at employers in the hospitality, health and construction industries. This line was meant to communicate quality but also the intention to serve brands that seek to offer a premium / luxury experience to their customers.

The website

For the website, we initially created a simple consultancy landing page. However, later on, the client requested that we create an ecommerce store for her business, so she can sell the products online as ready-to-wear and made-to-measure.

The website includes a series of specific features:

Embedded digital catalogs to showcase the made to measure lines;
Custom order fields to enable the customer to send specific measurements and sizes based on product type;
Custom design based on the initial landing page concept;

You can view the website by clicking the button below.

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